Jewellery Care

Remember!  A little tender loving care goes a long way!

Some key tips for looking after your cherished Disney Couture jewellery and accessories:

  • Do not get your jewellery wet!   Jewellery and water just do not mix so avoid going swimming in your jewellery, washing up with your rings and bracelet on and  leaving them in moist environments such as the bathroom.

  • No tangles!   Display your jewellery on earring holders, necklace stands, bracelet and watch displays to avoid messy tangles that can harm your accessories.

  • Keep pieces apart! When storing, traveling or carrying your jewellery around use a roll - also known as an organizer - as it is soft so it protects your treasures from nasty knocks.  Storing them together can lead to scratches and crystals being knocked out.

  • No sprays! Fashion jewellery hates hairsprays and perfumes so put yours on after you have sprayed hair spray and perfumes.  The droplets can damage plating and finishes so do treat your jewellery pieces with care.

  • No direct sunlight. Many components used in costume jewelry can be sun affected such as wooden beads, bone beads and the like so keep them out of the sunlight.

  • Avoid lotions and potions.   Avoid letting your costume fashion jewelry coming into contact with soap, face creams, or moisturizers. If they do rinse clean and pat dry. Make sure they're fully dry before putting it away.

  • Keep them clean! Clean your jewellery gently with cotton buds or a soft toothbrush with a little distilled water. Make sure it is properly dried so to look after the metal settings.